IFVSA Conference, NYC

La Dra Núria Querol Viñas​ y el Dr Julio C. Aguirre​ de Medicina Veterinaria Forense de Colombia​ fueron invitados a asistir a la Conferencia de la IFVSA.

About the IVFSA
Founded in 2008, the purpose of the IVFSA is to:

Promote the health, welfare and safety of animals through the fostering of current, new, and novel techniques of forensic science and crime scene processing to circumstances of animal abuse, neglect, cruelty, fighting, and death.
Apply forensic science techniques to legal investigations involving animals as the victim of criminal offenses and civil disputes.
Educate the animal welfare community, law enforcement, crime scene analysts, forensic scientists, veterinarians, attorneys, judges, and pathologists on the application of forensic science techniques and crime scene processing methods to cases of animal abuse, neglect, cruelty, fighting, and death.
Inform the law enforcement and legal community on the various scientific disciplines that can be utilized for the interpretation of collected physical evidence related to any crime scene where an animal’s presence or absence is relevant.
Advance and foster excellence in the veterinary forensic sciences.

The conference gathers experts in veterinary medicine, law enforcement, criminal prosecution, forensic science, animal welfare and human social services to explore multi-disciplinary approaches to save more victims of animal cruelty and ensure successful investigations and prosecutions. NYPD Commissioner James P. O’Neill delivered the keynote address.